How to make a Reaction Pack

Custom reaction packs are a series of three transparent .png or .gif spritemaps: 32px by 256px, 48px by 384px, and 96px by 768px. Each one contains sprites for reactions in this order:

For example, here's the 32px by 256 spritemap for the Soot Sprites pack:

Even though confused and yay aren't used, include them (or blank space where they should be) so we don't throw off where Facebook's sprite position calculations. I recommend making your reactions circular to maintain consistency with the OG reactions.

Once you have your three spritemaps created, upload them to an image hosting service like Imgur. Then head over to the publish page and fill out the form there:
Publish a Pack

If you have any questions about the process, contact Rodney Folz at @rodneyfolz on Twitter.

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